What is a


Cryptocurrency wallets do not store any assets inside them. All assets exist on the blockchain, and it’s impossible to take a token itself offline. There is no such thing as a Bitcoin, neither physically, nor as a computer file.

Instead, cryptocurrencies use unspent transactions outputs (UTXOs) on the blockchain to represent value. When you receive a Bitcoin, your wallet is really just reading on the Bitcoin transaction ledger that says someone else sent a Bitcoin to your address.

So, if there’s no such thing as a physical Bitcoin, what is in your wallet?

In order to spend the coins sent to a public address, you’ll need that address’s corresponding private key. Wallets store public-private key pairs for accessing and transferring assets that exist on the blockchain.


Our wallets are subject to the highest safety standards.

The data about done credit is stored on a highly secured, dedicated server and can therefore not be influenced from the outside.
This way you can be sure that the equipment and your money is not in danger at any time.

Inoga.Finance Ltd. has created its own globally usable platform on a block chain basis for this purpose. We also secure your account with 2-factor authentication.


Our security system builds on the existing wallet architecture by implementing additional measures of protection to cover every possible point of attack.

Internal Traffic Encryption!

These layers are composed of multiple encryption mechanisms, database grant statements and a wallet firewall. All internal component traffic is limited via the rules of subnets and firewalls. Additionally, every connection endpoint is encrypted with tunnels like openvpn, ssh, and IPsec to provide maximum security.