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All about your needs in the cryptocurrency world.
Produced and published by Inoga.Finance Ltd.
  • Dynamic Frame Work
  • Multi Wallet System
  • Innovative back office with intelligent functions

Open an account now - simple and fast - we will guide you step by step! With us you are always on the safe side! Behind your registration there is a special procedure which uses a unique security token to ensure that your account cannot be hacked.

Business Account

Enter a network with great opportunities.
Produced and published by Inoga.Finance Ltd.
  • Register as a Business Partner
  • Team overview with matrix system
  • Transparent workflow

Creating a business account is uncomplicated and fast. Just follow the step-by-step instructions. Thanks to the guidance of our experts and the simple handling, you have completely control every step of the way.

Inoga Wallets

Our wallets are always available.
Produced and published by Inoga.Finance Ltd.
  • The Highest security standards.
  • BTC and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Secured by high quality server techniques.

Do you want to have your digital currencies available 24/7? For this purpose Inoga provides you with a personal wallet, comparable to a checking account for cryptocurrency.

Inoga Exchange

Exchange from FIAT to CRYPTO and backwards.
produced and published by Inoga.Finance Ltd.
  • Available currencies BTC more coming soon.
  • Exchange from FIAT EUR to any crypto
  • Multi Wallet Exchange

Our Exchange offers you the flexibility to switch between different currencies. You have several currencies available for your interactions. You can also exchange them between wallets.


Having the best possible security is very important to us. That's why all data and programs are stored on extra secure servers.

Frequently asked questions

To register, go to the registration tab and fill out the form. Afterwards you will receive an activation email that you have to confirm. Please be sure to complete the process with the same browser to complete the onboarding.
2Activation Link?
If you register successfully, you will receive an activation link on your email. It is active for 24 hours. If the activation is not completed during this time, you must request a new link with RESEND. This new link will then be active for 24 hours.
3Password Recovery?
If you have forgotten your password, you can use this function to reset your password. You can find this on the login screen. Important note, if you change your password, the Withdrawal Function will be blocked for 3 days. In addition, if you change your password too often, your KYC will be checked again and your account will be deleted under certain conditions.
2FA is a relevant security feature. This must be completed by each client and is used for login and for different actions to verify that it is your account.
Follow the instructions for successful onboarding. For the KYC process you will need several documents including: valid Passport or ID, Proof of address and a Selfie.
The wallets in our system are based on the highest security standards. With your wallets you can receive and send cryptocurrency or use it for an exchange.
Withdrawing from the wallets is possible at any time. KYC is an important component to make full use of this service. If you change your password, withdrawals will not be possible for 3 days for security reasons.
8Blockchain Confirmations?
Our system works with at least 6 confirmations from the blockchain to ensure safe deposits and withdrawals. Depending on the destination wallet you transfer your credit to, we suggest that you always wait until the transaction is completely confirmed.
9Exchange? Comming soon!
With our exchange you have the possibility to convert currencies. Fiat currencies can also be converted into crypto.
If you decide to register for a business account, you can build and manage a customer base with your ref link. In the network account there are many functions available to help you keep track of your business.
11Running Asset?
The orders are managed by us as a running asset. Every asset, regardless of when it was ordered, will start on Monday at 12:01 AM.
12Profit Wallet?
This is your wallet to receive returns and commissions and is used according to the parameters of the running asset and network.
13Chart update?
The crypto chart is updated every 5 minutes. For this you need to refresh the website.
Returns are always posted on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. in the profit wallet.
15Lost 2FA?
If you have to regenerate your code through loss or replacement of your phone. Write an email to If you are about to change your phone, make sure you use the ticket portal in your account beforehand to carry out a 2FA reset.


  • APRIL 2020

    Leaving the first beta phase. Further development of the software. "Delayed"
  • May 2020

    First live tests by the Exchange. Euro wallet activation. "Delayed"
  • June 2020

    Gather analyzes from all phases. Realize improvement. Preparation for going live for the public. "Delayed"
  • July 2020

    Wait for updates!
  • August 2020

    Wait for updates!
  • September 2020

    Wait for updates!
  • October 2020

    Wait for updates!
  • November 2020

    Wait for updates!
  • December 2020

    Wait for updates!